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2012 thirteenth session of China International magnetic materials and production technology exhibition
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Our country is the world big country of production of magnetic materials. East China has become the world's most important magnetic materials production, demand and export concentration. Enter the 2012, with the further economic recovery and sustainable development of Chinese economy, the magnetic material industry will enter the export and domestic sales Liangwang good development situation. To grasp the development direction of the market, actively promote oneself, seize business chance in time, can be in the fierce competition in the market advantage! China Shanghai annual Cicai industry event for enterprise becomes particularly important.

IEM CHINA is in China only in magnetic materials and related industries professional trade fair once a year, it has been leading the product innovation and development trend of the industry and trend. The first twelve exhibition brings together many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, show industry of high-tech content, high value-added products, effectively promoted the domestic and foreign enterprises and technological exchanges and cooperation, in the industry have a positive impact on. IEM CHINA will pass through the internationalization, specialization, branding exhibition idea, further service the entire magnetic material industry. IEM 2012 will create new brilliant.

Review of last

In 2011 twelfth IEM exhibition in April 22-24 day held in China Everbright Exhibition Center, attracted come from China, Japan, the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Korea and China Hongkong, China Taiwan region at home and abroad more than 200 exhibitors, exhibition area of nearly six thousand square meters. The three days of exhibition received professional 14342 audience, including from the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, China Hongkong, China Taiwan and other 14 countries and regions with 1745 overseas visitors.

The Exhibition Association organized the " China rare earth permanent magnet industry and Application Technology Development Forum ", permanent magnet motor technology exchange ", " the magnetic sector members of the general assembly and the magnetic sector planning during the 12th Five-Year Plan ", become industry experts and entrepreneurs to exchange technology and discuss industry for important activities.

Advantage of exhibition

One of the most influential sponsor: the Chinese magnetic material industry 's most influential professional social organizations and research institutes jointly, the purpose is concentrated advantage, good deeds, so that the majority of businesses to benefit;

Over the years accumulated experience: sustained host over the IEM exhibition, familiar with magnetic material and the user industries overall situation, accumulated over the years of professional audience database is actual effect exhibited strong guarantee for the exhibitors.

The most attractive city: as the economic center of China, Shanghai has become China's largest convention and Exhibition city. Held in Shanghai exhibition, will truly attract throughout the professional audience. Shanghai is also the world's top 500 enterprises in China 's headquarters, in 2010 Shanghai World Expo held successfully, marking the Shanghai as an international metropolis in China not only for open, more 6000000000 people worldwide service, Shanghai professional exhibition will attract more overseas buyers.

High levels of technical communication: earlier by association held the high-level technical seminars and academic exchanges at home and abroad has become a professional big party once a year.

Famous enterprises at home and abroad to participate in: IEM CHINA participated in the famous enterprise: Mianyang nine, Hengdian Dong, day electronic, Zhongke Sanhuan, magnetic north mine, Ningbo Yunsheng, Aetna technology, Ningbo, Nanjing Keningda Ning, Chengdu galaxy, Guangdong river powder, steel days, Anhui magnetic, permanent magnetic, Jinchuan Hangzhou electronics, Mianyang Kaiyuan, Ningbo permanent, Dongyang Li magnetic, electronic, Lake Yantai, Shenyang in the North Sea, 1, Jinbin magnetoelectric, Czech magnetic group, Shenzhen Fuyile, TDK, FDK, NICERAMIC, EPSON, VAC, MAGNEQUENCH, Neo, Xiufeng, George, Arnold, Zhongshan electronic elegant.


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